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Welcome to Concise Medico Medico Legal Reporting and Rehabilitation

Concise Medico Ltd are a medico-legal reporting agency providing medical services to Solicitors, Insurers and Claimants throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide an efficient and industry leading experience of Medico legal reporting services. We understand the administrative responsibility involved in obtaining objective medical reports, by managing these we aim to save you both time and money.

  • A 100% UK based operation
  • Medical reports for all types of claims
  • Medical reports compliant with industry standard valuation software
  • We believe that the human interaction has precedence over digital, because to us you’re not a number and relationships can only be built and exist between people, not faceless entities.

 We offer nationwide coverage of medical experts; wherever your client is, we can get an appointment which is convenient to them and their needs.

All communications, reports and instructions can be sent electronically or by post, reducing case durations and improving efficiency.

Our Role

Through our nationwide panel of medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, we are able to facilitate with convenient medical appointments with an efficient turnaround of reports.

Concise Medico employs a dedicated and professional Team that manage every case from inception to conclusion, aiming to achieve the highest standards of customer service.

All communications and reports can be transferred electronically, reducing case durations.

  • Nationwide coverage of medical experts
  • All claim types are catered for by our extensive variety of medical experts including, but not limited to Employer Liability, Public Liability and Industrial Disease.
  • No compromise on quality of service
  • All reports are thoroughly checked from beginning to end in order to ensure they are CPR compliant


Specialist software packages ensure all medico-legal cases are managed with ease and efficiency, whilst our administration team provide a friendly and personal interface, building strong working relationships with our customers.


“A Model of Efficiency.”
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