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Your medical examination

Did you receive an appointment letter/SMS from Concise Medico? We are the medico-legal report service provider that has been requested to arrange your private medical examination.

Your Medical Examination is IMPORTANT

Your solicitors/insurance company/court or government department needs to review your medical report to decide your personal injury or any other claim you have launched. Therefore it is highly important that you attend the medical examination. Our customer services advisers arrange appointments after checking your availability. In some rate cases where we are advised by your solicitors to arrange your appointment when you were not available to contact, please contact our office numbers to discuss the appointment. If you can not make the appointment, it is vital to inform us, otherwise you may be charged a fee for not attending the appointment. If there is anything at all you are uncertain about or you do not understand.

Please call 01282786185 and ask for Customer Services or email: appointments@concisemedico.co.uk

What if I cannot attend the appointment?

You will need to cancel your appointment by calling our office or dropping us an email. Otherwise you may be charged for a ‘did not attend fee, generally mentioned on your appointment letter.