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Facing pain and suffering? Our expert Psychologists are here to assist you with your claim

Concise Medico can process a wide range of medical reports quickly and accurately. Whether a workplace accident, a medical malpractice, or a product liability, our licensed experts have experience with all types of claims and can process your medical report supported by top medical expert advice.

We draw on the expertise of a panel consisting of General Physicians, Orthopaedics, Dentists, Psychologists, and Neurologists, and more. We can arrange an array of diagnostic investigations from X-rays, MRI, CT scans. Our partnership with local and leading providers of diagnostic services throughout the UK ensures that you book examinations at times and locations that are convenient for you.

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Our Guarantee

Integrity, Reliability, and Transparency in all that we do for you.

Nationwide Coverage

Medical professionals are available all across the country.


We deal with claims of Employer Liability, Public Liability and Industrial Disease, to name a few.

Medical Experts

Our medical specialists handle all types of claims.

Speed & Efficiency

Specialist software packages ensure all cases are managed with ease and efficiency

Quality Assurance

No compromise in quality at any level of service.

Accurate Reports

All reports are thoroughly checked from beginning to end in order to ensure they are CPR compliant.

Trusted by Many

Our specialist software packages ensure that all medico-legal cases are managed with ease and efficiency. Our administration team builds strong working relationships with our customers by providing a friendly and personal interface.

pannel of experts

Our panel of medical experts and rehabilitation specialists are able to facilitate medical appointments with an efficient turnaround of reports.

dedicated team

Concise Medico employs a dedicated and professional team that manages every case from inception to conclusion, aiming to achieve the highest standards of customer service.


All communications and reports are thoroughly checked before they can be transferred electronically, reducing errors and case durations.