The Concise Process to Assist Solicitors

A Medico-legal case is where a solicitor instructs an expert witness to assist them with a medical negligence claim. A person may be eligible for further therapy if they have more significant impairment after the incident or surgery. Altogether, we have developed a concise process for your assistance.

Concise Medico employs a medico-legal expert practitioner that can provide both defence and plaintiff-instructed reports. Moreover, our therapists are qualified to act as medical experts in a Medico-Legal case and provide expert advice on the following:

Let’s have a close look at The Concise process


You instruct Concise Medico. 

Concise Medico needs written or emailed instructions. These instructions should follow Part 35 of the Practice Direction. Some of these include:

  • The ability to be appointed – one joint expert witness
  • Services that you need
  • The report’s key objectives should be outlined along with the deadline
  • Up-to-date expert records and witness statements
  • Description of defence and claim along with orders from the Court
  • Information about the parties responsible for payment

Please send all enquiries to

We arrange expert witness appointments for you.

  • Breakdown of the therapy costs
  • Assessments are available at home, at work or the clinic
  • Written quotations
  • Flexible appointment times available, even on weekends and evenings
  • Clearly outlined and easily understood reports
  • Service that is reliable and fast

We are experts in Medico-Legal cases. Therefore, providing thorough and complete assessments. Hence, designed to help you understand the reasons behind your difficulties. Although, these assessments are completed as instructed and include supporting evidence for your legal team. Moreover, Our Psychologists deeply understand how to create effective Medico-Legal Reports through their experience in the private sector.

Our unique services. 

Above all, we also draw on a panel of General Physicians, Orthopaedics, Dentists, Maxillofacial, Psychologists, Neurologists, and Rehabilitation experts throughout the UK. Hence, to ensure that we help you throughout the process. 

Besides that, we believe rehabilitation is essential for your clients in assisting them in their pre-accident state. Hence, we offer a faster claimant process due to the early identification of rehabilitation needs and a tailored treatment programme with individual requirements likely to reduce pain and suffering for your client.

Therefore, we can also arrange an array of diagnostic investigations, including X-rays, MRI, bone scans, CT scans, and therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy. To provide you and your client with all that it needs.

We will deliver the reports within 10 days. 

Concise Medico’s psychologist can provide detailed, comprehensive medico-legal reports on care, rehabilitation, and therapy.

The following are the contents of our detailed Medico-Legal Report:

  • How impairment affects day-to-day living
  • Additional therapy
  • Cost details
  • Recommendations regarding adaptations and aids

Concise Medico gives detailed information about costs, including details on equipment and therapy inputs needed. Hence, it also lists any additional time that may be required. Therefore, after the assessment, all of this will be clearly outlined and summarised in the report.

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