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Join the many satisfied claimants who selected Concise Medico as their preferred Medico Legal Agency


Concise Medico takes pride in serving many satisfied claimants who selected us as their preferred Medico-Legal Agency.

Making a claim for compensation, independently, can be a challenging process. If you have been injured and have decided to make a claim through the Official Injury Claim portal, Concise Medico can provide not only an expert medical report for your road traffic accident, but we can arrange the necessary private investigations, and also arrange the appropriate treatment to assist you in your recovery.

On the Official Injury Claim Portal, you will be directed to enter your search criteria where you will be presented with several options. Here, you are able to select Concise Medico. The portal will then pass your case details to us so we can schedule your medical examination in accordance with your requirements for time and location.

Please phone our office, where our administrative team can offer advice and further guidance. From the time you contact us we will be by your side every step of the way, however, it should be noted that Concise Medico Ltd is not directly involved with organising personal injury claims. Any queries should initially be made through your solicitor.

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Your Medical Examination

Did you receive an appointment letter/SMS from Concise Medico? We are the medico-legal report service provider that has been requested to arrange your private medical examination.

Your Medical Examination is IMPORTANT

A solicitor, insurance company, court, or government agency would need to review your medical report to decide your personal injury or any other claim you have launched. Therefore, it is highly important that you attend the medical examination. Our advisers will arrange appointments for you keeping in mind your availability. In some rare cases where we are unable to contact you, please contact our office numbers to discuss the appointment. If you can not make the appointment, it is vital to inform us, otherwise you may be charged a no show fee.