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A leading panel of radiologists providing accurate diagnostic X-ray scans since 2012

With a presence spanning the entire UK, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of X-Ray scan services. Our dedicated team of experienced radiologists is adept at harnessing highly advanced scanning technology to manage X-ray films of various sizes and types.


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  • Creating detailed pictures of joints and bones using X-Rays

  • Providing nationwide appointments at your convenience

  • Independent radiology experts providing X-Ray scan report

  • Schedule appointments according to your time and region

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We provide X-Ray scans for a wide range of examinations

Concise Medico has  a deep understanding of the specific difficulties involved in the preservation and digitization of X-ray films. Our specialised X-ray scan services are designed to transform your essential medical X-rays into top-notch digital images. Our meticulous process safeguards the integrity of these invaluable images and  facilitates easier access and data management capabilities.

Our X-Ray scan services include a wide range of scanning tests that help in the investigation of patient symptoms or explore medical conditions. Our highly skilled specialists known as radiographers, obtain these images or scans and they read these images with utmost care and detail. Our range of X-Ray scan examinations include the following:

  • Skull and spinal cord

  • Chest, abdominal and pelvic

  • Extremity such as arms, legs, feet etc

  • Chest x-rays for visa/medical purposes.

Take charge of your health with our X-Ray radiographers

Behind every X-ray scan at Concise Medico lies a team of dedicated and highly proficient X-ray radiologists. They serve as the guardians of precise diagnosis, diligently scrutinising your scans with the utmost precision. Their expertise guarantees that you receive the most accurate and insightful reports, empowering your healthcare provider to chart the optimal treatment course.

Moreover, our radiologists are skilled at X-ray guided injections which is a new era of pain management. They precisely direct injections to the affected area, maximising therapeutic impact while minimising discomfort. With our radiologists you can bid farewell to hit-and-miss treatments and embrace precise relief. With our radiologists you get the following:

  • Unmatched Precision

  • Seasoned Experience

  • Seamless Convenience

  • Cutting-Edge Innovation.

What’s in it for you?

At Concise Medico, our commitment to the customer is all about delivering personalised and patient-centric care. Our highly trained and HCPC-certified personnel are dedicated to addressing all your questions and concerns. Our process for diagnostic services, including X-ray scan, is simple, guiding you through every step of your well-being journey.

  • Professionally trained and HCPC-certified personnel

  • Quick, non-invasive, and secure, X-ray scan

  • Nationwide trusted X-ray scan procedures

  • Flexible appointments following your time and region

Why choose us?

At Concise Medico, we understand that every patient is unique and comes with their unique health concerns. Thus, our X-ray radiologists prioritise patient’s safety and comfort while delivering the X-ray scan results immediately within 24 hours. Our radiographers ensure that all your concerns and questions are adequately addressed. Moreover, we provide convenient appointment times at affordable prices to ensure healthcare is accessible to everyone in the UK.

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“From first using Concise Medico Ltd, we were impressed with their service and cooperation throughout the matter. They have ensured that our clients are examined at a convenient time and place and have provided regular updates.”

JMR Solicitors LLP, Solicitor

Dawn Solicitors

“As a solicitor firm, we have been working with Concise Medico for almost a decade. We found them very assisting, be it sourcing a specific expert in any discipline or arranging rehabilitation treatment nationwide. Very good at meeting set deadlines.”

Dawn Solicitors, Solicitor

Mellors Solicitors

“On occasions I have contacted Concise Medico Ltd, I have always been dealt a professional and friendly response. I hope you will continue with your good practices for many years“

Mellors Solicitors, Solicitor

Our process

At Concise Medico, our process for diagnostic services, including X-ray scan services, MRI scans, CT scans and ultrasound is straightforward. However, please book your appointment in advance to ensure we have an available slot. Nevertheless, we offer flexible hours to suit your time and schedule. Once the booking is made, we guide you through the process and ensure you make informed decisions. 

Step 1

Fill out a brief appointment form for an X-ray scan.


Step 2

Arrange an appointment with our dedicated team member


Step 3

 You pick the preferred date and time that suit your schedule


Step 4

Attend X-ray scan session and receive digital results immediately