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Concise Medico Ltd. are a medico-legal reporting agency providing medical services to Solicitors, Insurers & Claimants across the UK.


Medical Reporting

Concise Medico has a comprehensive panel of medical professionals preparing expert witness reports, allowing us to provide an effective, efficient service for our clients, throughout the UK. We draw on the expertise of a panel consisting of General Physicians, Orthopedics, Psychologists, Neurologists, and more. We can also provide expert advice for industrial disease cases and high value clinical and medical negligence instructions.



Concise Medico has worked closely with medical practitioners to develop a clinically driven rehabilitation service in order to identify what rehabilitative treatments are needed and when. The service maximizes the benefit of any rehabilitative treatments, assisting the client to return to their pre-accident state. We offer: a faster claims process due to early identification of rehabilitation needs, a tailored treatment programme dependent upon individual requirements, and an early identification of treatment needs reducing pain and suffering for your client.



We can arrange an array of diagnostic investigations including X-rays, MRI, bone scans, CT scans and therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, surgical procedures and radiological and scanning services. We have strong relationships with a number of leading providers of diagnostic services throughout the UK, ensuring that we can book examinations at times and locations that are convenient for your client. Concise Medico provides a wide range of diagnostic services and medical procedures to assist in your client’s recovery.


Surgical Treatment

In addition to the standard diagnostic and rehabilitation services, we are able to organize a range of surgical procedures and operations i.e. ligament repairs. If a client needs to undergo a procedure, we can source the relevant health care provider. We can organize the procedure at locations across the country at a time and date convenient for your client. It doesn’t matter whether the initial report was completed by Concise Medico or not, as this service is available to both new and existing customers.

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Verified, fully vetted, independent experts for all assessments

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Join the many satisfied claimants who were able to access over 200 clinics across the UK. Our experts are highly trained and within reach so that you feel comfortable and looked after.



Join our independent experts that allow you and your client the assurance that they will find the right expert for your case and acquire a detailed medico legal report expeditiously.



Join our comprehensive and nationwide panel of experts that cover the complete medical profession such as General Practitioners, Neurologists, Psychologists and Orthopedics.

"We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another."- "Kristin Welch"

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