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With a keen eye for detail, our GP expert witnesses analyse medical records, and distil intricate medical concepts into comprehensible language, providing reports and GP expert witness testimony in personal injury, medical negligence, or any relevant medico-legal matter.


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GP expert witness in medical negligence case in UK

In medical negligence cases our GP expert witnesses are fairly familiar with the Bolam test on the basis of which they find out if the highest standard of care was given or not. Our GP experts understand the frustration a negligent GP can cause, therefore they are very just in the court. Keeping in mind the short as well as the long term effects of the suffering caused, our experts provide reports, testimony and consultations.

Concise Medico’s carefully vetted GP expert witnesses are actively immersed in the practice of medicine. Their broad-ranging experience covers an array of medical matters, encompassing both physical and mental health realms. We are confident our GP expert witnesses have the professional expertise and medico-legal knowledge to deliver the best possible outcome for the victims of clinical negligence. Our GP expert witness panel deals with the following medico legal cases:

  • Failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis

  • Failure to refer to a specialist or A&E

  • Delayed diagnosis and incorrect treatment

  • Errors in the medication prescription

  • If treatment was poorly delivered

GP expert witnesses personal injury claims in the UK

UK courts rely on the opinion of GP expert witnesses to help them make decisions on matters including personal injury claims. The GP expert witnesses at Concise Medico play a pivotal role as witnesses for both the prosecution and defence, having specialised knowledge in diverse medical issues such as soft tissue injuries from road traffic accidents, medical education, forensics, palliative care, sexual and reproductive health, and child health.

Our panel of 50+ GP expert witnesses helps the UK legal system by providing specialist consultation, reports and testimony on legal cases related to personal injury. The GP experts at our disposal carefully assess the injury a claimant has sustained due to an accident and give detailed opinion in UK court, making sure the loss in the future adds to the compensation claim. Concise Medico UK court-approved GP witnesses deal with the following cases:

  • Whiplash accidents

  • Slip and fall (trip)

  • Road accidents

  • Housing disrepair

What’s in it for you?

If you’re searching for a GP expert witness for clinical negligence and personal injury claims, look no further. Our GP expert witnesses provide CPR-compliant mental health assessments and reports in cases related to the medical field of general physiology, giving court-approved testimonies on highly specialised medico legal matters. Our offices are located in Leeds, Blackburn and other dynamic cities in the UK.

  • Convenient appointments scheduled according to your region

  • Qualified, verified, fully vetted, & independent experts for all assessments

  • CPR-compliant reports within 15 days of being assessed by an expert

Why choose us?

Concise Medico operates from more than 100 clinics across the UK. We have a panel of more than 50 GP expert witnesses working to provide expert testimony, legal client representation and CPR-compliant reports. We assist solicitors, insurance companies and medical agencies with their cases thanks to our wide range of expertise. Our general practice medico legal experts are qualified to provide initial assessments, record analysis and court-approved testimony in cases related to general physiology.

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“As a solicitor firm, we have been working with Concise Medico for almost a decade. We found them very assisting, be it sourcing a specific expert in any discipline or arranging rehabilitation treatment nationwide. Very good at meeting set deadlines.”

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Concise Medico’s GP expert witness can provide detailed, comprehensive medico legal reports and testimonies in personal injury, medical negligence, or any relevant medico legal matter. You do not need to worry; we will handle everything for you and your client. We offer a faster claimant process due to the early identification of neurological rehabilitation needs and a tailored treatment programme with individual requirements likely to reduce pain and suffering for your client.

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