People suffering from whiplash injury often want to know about average compensation payout for neck injury. The average amount can go from minimum £240 to 300,000. This blog is about the different amount brackets for different conditions of whiplash neck injury.

How much do you get for average compensation payout for Whiplash neck injury?

The compensation amount will be determined according to the severity of your injury. Whiplash injury can be a small pain or serious injury problem. Sometimes at the time of an accident you don’t feel any pain but after a few days your whiplash injury symptoms begin with severe pain, fracture or any broken bone etc. This can make it hard for you to do your daily life activities.

Whiplash Neck Injury Agreement

There are quite a few whiplash injury compensation amounts depending upon the condition of your neck injury. Here compensation amount with numerous whiplash injury condition is listed below:

Most Severe Neck injuries

A neck injury that could cause problems like partial paralysis, muscle stiffness or an inability to move the neck despite wearing a neck collar for years. Also, this could lead to severe headaches. In this severe condition the compensation amount ranges from £56,100- £139.210.

Moreover, injuries such as fracture or disc damage in the cervical spines can result in significant disabilities. This can include permanent damage to the brachial plexus and reduced functioning in one or more limbs. In this severe condition the compensation amount ranges from £100,000- £130,000.

Severe and Serious Neck injuries

Serious injuries can cause major problems like broken bones or dislocated joints. These injuries might need surgery to fix the spine or repair damaged tissues. The amount can go from £110,000 to £120,000.

Less severe injuries can still be painful and cause ongoing problems. Even though the fractures or dislocations might not be as bad, they can still lead to permanent pain or keep coming back. The reward amount can go from £100,000 to £115,000.

Soft tissue injuries, like strained muscles or damaged discs in the neck, can also cause serious issues. They can lead to conditions like cervical spondylosis, which limits movement and causes long-lasting pain, stiffness, or discomfort. Some cases might need more surgeries and can make a person more prone to getting hurt again. For this, the average compensation amount for whiplash neck injury will be approximately £100,000.

Moderate neck injuries

These are injuries that might have made an existing condition worse in a shorter time, like less than five years. It can also include moderate soft tissue injuries that took a long time to heal and now make the person more likely to get hurt again or have small ongoing symptoms. The reward amount is around £47,760.

Minor Neck Injuries

There are injuries where the person mostly gets better within three months. It can also include cases where a pre-existing condition got worse for a short time, usually between one –three months.

Similarly, this category covers injuries where there’s significant recovery between six months to a year. It can also involve short-term worsening of existing injuries. The compensation reward is upto £6,680

What is Whiplash Injury Yearly Cost?

As we mentioned earlier the compensation cost depends upon the condition of whiplash neck injury. If your whiplash injury took around a year to heal then your average yearly compensation amount will be £5000.

Please note that the aforementioned compensation amount is only an estimate to the original one. The actual amount may vary depending on the specifics of the case. Your solicitor will guide you to determine the appropriate amount

Final Thoughts

As you get the idea of minimum to maximum average compensation payout for whiplash neck injury. Start a neck injury compensation claim today. If you have any further questions about the claim process, contact us today on 01282786185.

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