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With a track record of providing more than 200 reports across the UK, our forensic psychologist expert witnesses explore profiling criminal intent, providing impartial expert witness testimony and reports that unravel the most intricate technicalities.


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Trusted by legal professionals nationwide

  • Analyse and profile criminal behaviour and investigation

  • Evaluate competence to stand trial and proof of insanity

  • Evidence-based Parole Board reviews and assessments

  • Assess for parole risk assessment and capacity to protect

  • Conduct thorough current/ altered mental state assessments

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Forensic psychologist expert witness services for unprecedented insights

Forensic psychology experts in the UK have in-depth knowledge and training in specific disciplines, including DNA analysis, ballistics, digital forensics and criminal psychology. Thus, legal professionals seeking an edge in their cases can benefit from our forensic psychologist expert witness services. We offer a range of specialised services tailored to meet the unique needs of each case:

Criminal court proceedings

In criminal law and prison assessments, the in-depth analysis and mental state assessments our expert forensic psychologist witness provides on your case carry crucial information that can contribute to just outcomes.

Family court proceedings

In emotionally charged family court cases, our experts give forensic psychology assessments on family dynamics, parenting capabilities, and mental health issues, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Forensic psychologist expert witness and Parole Board reviews

The Parole Board of England and Wales often requires forensic psychologist expert witnesses for Parole risk assessments. Our trained forensic psychologist expert witnesses evaluate an individual’s readiness for reintegration into society, assessing their behaviour, rehabilitation progress, and potential risk factors. These insights assist the parole board in making well-informed decisions.

Mental health tribunals

Our panel of forensic psychologist expert witnesses participate in mental health tribunals to assess individuals’ mental health status and provide prognoses on their need for appropriate care, rehabilitation and treatment.

Specialist risk assessments

The panel of forensic psychology expert witnesses at our disposal excel in conducting specialised assessments, including those related to intellectual difficulties such as the capacity to give consent, take responsibility, etc.

What’s in it for you?

Are you looking for a forensic psychologist expert witness? Concise Medico is at your service. Our forensic psychologist experts provide forensic mental health assessments and reports all across the UK. We guarantee the highest standards of service delivery, commitment to quality, knowledge and experience.

  • Convenient appointments scheduled according to your region

  • Qualified, verified, fully vetted, & independent experts for all assessments

  • CPR-compliant reports within 15 days of being assessed by an expert

Why choose us?

Concise Medico has largest panel of 50+ independent forensic psychologist expert witnesses, working from 100+ clinics across the UK. We assist solicitors, insurance companies and medical agencies with cases surrounding civil, family, criminal and public law. 

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“From first using Concise Medico Ltd, we were impressed with their service and cooperation throughout the matter. They have ensured that our clients are examined at a convenient time and place and have provided regular updates.”

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“As a solicitor firm, we have been working with Concise Medico for almost a decade. We found them very assisting, be it sourcing a specific expert in any discipline or arranging rehabilitation treatment nationwide. Very good at meeting set deadlines.”

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“On occasions I have contacted Concise Medico Ltd, I have always been dealt a professional and friendly response. I hope you will continue with your good practices for many years“

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Concise Process

Concise Medico’s criminal psychologists can provide detailed, comprehensive medico legal reports on criminal law and prison assessments, including the capacity to stand trial, give consent, etc. All your worries will be handled as our panel of forensic psychologist expert witnesses will handle everything for you and your client. We offer a faster claimant process due to the early identification of rehabilitation needs and a tailored treatment programme with individual requirements likely to reduce pain and suffering for your client.

Step 1

You book an initial assessment here at Concise Medico


Step 2

We analyse your case and document the findings of assessment


Step 4

We recommend trauma-focused therapy and rehabilitation options

Cost of CPR-compliant medical report in the UK

Please note that the price of a standard medico legal report starts from £450. Moreover, the cost of a medico legal report is typically influenced by the complexity of the case and the time required to complete it.

For example, a straightforward personal injury case may be less expensive than a complex medical negligence case requiring in-depth analysis, multiple assessments and evaluation of multiple medical records.

Therefore, we always recommend requesting a callback and discussing the specific details of your case with us to obtain an accurate estimate of the cost and the number of hours required to complete a CPR-compliant medico legal report.

Factors impacting the cost of medico legal reports

The price of a standard medico legal report in the UK typically starts from £450. Additional charges may apply in the following scenarios:

  1. Number of hours required 
  2. The complexity of the case 
  3. Evaluation of multiple/ lengthy medical history
  4. Examination of more than one individuals
  5. Higher expertise level requirement
  6. Urgency of the report
  7. Travel/ visiting a specific location for assessment
  8. Court testification/ court hearings

Forensic psychologist expert witness reports and testimony