Concise Medico is one of the leading nationwide providers of medicolegal expert witness testimony, legal client representation and CPR-compliant medicolegal reports to solicitors, insurance companies and medical agencies. Concise Medico’s process offers rehabilitation and diagnostic services that may or may not be required by the experts to draw court reports following Part 35 Practice Directions.

We operate from 100+ clinics across the UK to ensure that your location, region and time won’t stand in the way of getting justice. Our reports are presented as evidence in court, ranging from the child, adult, and geriatric to psychosis, anxiety, trauma, emotional distress and depression in civil, family and criminal proceedings.

Here’s How Concise Medico’s Process Assists You

Our medicolegal expert witness reports can help you get compensated for trauma, psychology and medical negligence cases and access the best healthcare options. Please keep reading to learn more about our process.

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You Instruct Concise Medico

The first step after booking an appointment is to send in your instructions. We offer a 20-minute free review of your case. We will require written or emailed instructions to pursue your case. These instructions should follow CPR Part 35 of the Practice Direction. We acknowledge your instructions within 24 hours. Your instructions may or may not include the following:

  1. The expertise or service that you require
  2. The report’s key objectives should be outlined
  3. Inclusion of the deadline for the report required
  4. Description of defence and claim, along with orders from the Court
  5. Information about the parties responsible for payment
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We Arrange Experts Appointment

Once you have sent us the instructions, we will arrange a medicolegal expert witness appointment. The time required for an expert appointment arrangement is 5-10 days, typically depending on the client’s and expert’s availability. We, likewise, limit the travel time, proactively notify regarding the client’s attendance and ensure in-clinic and at-home appointments. The compliance for appointments that we schedule for our clients adhere to the standards outlined by MEDCO, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Appointments scheduled according to your region
  2. Assessments are available at home, at work or in the clinic
  3. Written quotations and a complete breakdown of costs
  4. Flexible appointment times available, even on weekends and evenings
  5. Clearly outlined and easily understood reports
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We Develop Medicolegal Report

Each member of our expert witness panel has proven experience in their fields and medicolegal report writing, and therefore, complies with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR Part 35), Family Procedure Rules (FPR Part 25 especially) and Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR Part 33). In addition to being knowledgeable, our expert psychologists are accessible, deadline-driven, compassionate, devoted, and trustworthy and work abiding by high ethical standards. We ensure the following ethical standards, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. The average report turnaround is 10-20 days (depending on experts’ SLA)
  2. Medicolegal reports are 100% compliant with CPR, FPR, and CrimPR
  3. Always available for testification in light of PART 35 questions
  4. Can serve as party-appointed and court-appointed experts
  5. Recommendations regarding rehabilitation, diagnostics, and therapy
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We Deliver CPR-Compliant Report

Our psychology experts provide detailed, comprehensive medicolegal CPR-compliant reports and expert witness testimony on current physical and mental health status, initial assessments, prognosis, future causation, treatment and rehabilitation needs in the court with an in-depth understanding of physical and psychological injuries. The following are the contents of our detailed Medicolegal Report:

1. All the information of the expert
2. Medical history and case details
3. How the injury affects day-to-day living
4. Recommendations regarding further treatments
5. Additional rehabilitation and therapy cost details

Final Thoughts

Concise Medico‘s process offers medicolegal reports by expert witnesses dedicated to offering the most remarkable quality services and upholding our dedication to perfection. We offer expert assessments and reports that can be used in family law, civil and criminal proceedings, public law, clinical malpractice, medical negligence arising from breach of duty and personal injury cases.

Get in touch with us today if you are a solicitor, insurance company or medical agency in need of a CPR-compliant expert witness report drawn by HCPC-registered psychologists.


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