Your solicitor might recommend hiring an expert witness to help you with your personal injury cases. In a personal injury case, you can use expert witnesses to help you develop a strategy, build evidence and support your claims. It is essential to know the benefits and differences between expert witnesses.

Witnesses and their Role in Personal Injury Cases

Use witnesses in personal injury cases to clarify disputed, unclear or complex issues. A witness may be a layperson who witnessed the accident and can give an objective opinion about what happened. Expert witnesses are different to layperson witnesses. Therefore, expert witnesses are people who can provide expert testimony or consultations on a particular area of your claim. Hence, expert witnesses have various skills and characteristics that allow them to give objective and specialized testimony to the court or your personal injury attorney. Therefore, that includes:

  • Education and experience
  • Credentials and professional background
  • Authorship of peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Favourable reputation
  • Previous experience as an expert witness

Expert witnesses are consultants experts who testify in court. However, your attorney will still use their expertise to formulate a strategy for your case. In a personal injury case, one can also use an expert witness to testify to a judge and jury.

Types of Expert Witnesses

Can use expert witnesses in personal injury cases for many different reasons. Moreover, you can use expert witnesses to prove injuries sustained by the victim, treatment received, and the expected outcome. Others may testify about liability and how the accident occurred. Although, experts may give information that will help to determine future losses. There are many types of expert witnesses:

Medical and Health Experts

Medical experts are experts in the understanding and treatment of injuries and trauma. Experts may be able to explain why you are unable to work the same job after your injuries. A medical expert might also be able to explain the extent of treatment and therapy that is required for compensation.

Accident Re-Constructionists

Your car accident solicitor might recommend an accident re-constructionist after a severe vehicle crash. The expert collects evidence and data such as speed, weather conditions, photos, video and phone records to help determine the cause of the accident and who might be responsible. This person often creates a timeline to show the sequence of events that led up to the accident.

Engineering Experts

Many different engineering professionals could be involved in a case involving personal injury. Might consult structural engineers alongside accident re-constructionists to determine whether road safety and hazards contributed to the accident. Sometimes, mechanical engineers will be called to testify about defective parts or systems. Chemical engineers are also available to testify on pharmaceuticals and toxicology results.

Economic Experts in Personal Injury Cases

An economic expert can help you determine the value of your claim if you have been out of work for a while or cannot return to work. To determine the maximum compensation, the expert will consider your medical bills, lost wages, damages such as pain and suffering, and future losses. An economic expert might add details about the income you could lose if you cannot return to your former job.

Benefits of Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

Expert witnesses are not required for every case. However, they can be very beneficial in some instances. Expert witnesses can simplify complex topics into something more easily understood and relatable for judges or juries. Judges and juries can more readily accept an expert witness’s testimony because it is more objective and impartial. Based on your specific case, your personal injury solicitor may recommend that an expert witness be used.

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