The CICA tariff table is a standard framework which determine the compensation amount of criminal injuries. Moreover, it provides the information of each criminal injury with their respective time Limit for claim.

What is CICA

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or CICA, is a government organization in the United Kingdom responsible for administering compensation to victims who have sustained injuries as a result of violent crime. Established in 1964, CICA operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Justice and provides financial support to individuals who have suffered physical or mental harm due to criminal acts.

In recent years, there has been an increasing recognition of the impact of mental injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), on victims of crime. Consequently, CICA has extended its compensation schemes to include payouts for mental injuries, reflecting a more comprehensive understanding of the trauma experienced by victims.

How is the CICA Compensation Tariff calculated?

The calculation of compensation payouts by CICA follows a structured tariff table that outlines the amount awarded for various types of injuries. This tariff table takes into account the severity and nature of the injury, as well as any ongoing physical or psychological effects.

For instance, the tariff may specify a certain amount for a fractured bone, with additional compensation provided for any associated complications or disabilities. Similarly, mental injuries such as PTSD are assessed based on their impact on the victim’s quality of life and ability to function.

Example of CICA Payout Tariff

CICA Payout Tariff Table

Examples of CICA payouts demonstrate the diversity of cases and the corresponding compensation amounts. From minor injuries resulting in modest payouts to severe disabilities necessitating significant financial support, the tariff table provides a framework for fair and consistent compensation.

How much is the CICA Compensation Tariffs?

The CICA tariff table categorises injuries into bands, with each band representing a range of compensation amounts. The specific amount awarded within each band depends on factors such as the severity of the injury and its long-term effects on the victim.

CICA Tariff table For All Injuries

The below CICA tariff tables includes all types of body injury compensation amount. These amounts are estimated on the basis of original ones. The original compensation amount can be vary due to nature of the case.

CICA Head and Neck Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Head and Neck Injuries Compensation Claim Amount

CICA Upper Limbs Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Upper Limbs Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Lower Limbs Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Lower Limbs Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Sexual Assault and Abuse Compensation Amount

CICA Sexual Assault and Abuse Compensation Amount

CICA Torso and Fatal Criminal Injuries Compensation Amount

CICA Torso Fatal Injury claim

Victims can consult the mentioned tariff table to estimate the potential compensation they may receive based on their injuries. However, it’s important to note that each case is assessed individually, and the final compensation amount may vary based on additional factors such as loss of earnings and medical expenses.


The CICA tariff table plays a crucial role in ensuring that victims of violent crime receive fair and appropriate compensation for their injuries. By providing clear guidelines and structured payouts, CICA aims to support victims on their road to recovery and alleviate some of the financial burdens they may face.

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