Accurate psychology expert reports and assessments for all your medico legal needs

Are you stuck in a legal case that demands expert medical evidence in the UK? If the barrier between you and justice is a psychology expert report, your search ends here.

Concise Medico’s proficient team of medico legal psychology experts offers comprehensive services, including case evaluation, expert reports, deposition testimony, and courtroom testimony. We specialise in delivering dependable and precise medical evidence that aligns with the requirements outlined in Part 34, Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

Types of psychology expert reports that we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Forensic psychology expert reports

  • Trauma and PTSD expert reports

  • Personal injury expert reports

  • Criminal injury expert reports

  • Neuropsychology expert reports

  • Child and adolescent expert reports

  • Immigration and asylum expert reports


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Psychology expert reports in a legal case

Psychology expert reports act as a bridge between the intricacies of the human psyche and the demands of the legal system in the UK. Our psychology expert witness reports provide a thorough assessment of psychological factors that may be central to your case, whether it involves personal injury claims, child custody disputes, criminal defence, or compensation matters. Our team of experienced psychologists excels in unravelling the complexities of the human mind, offering insights that can bolster your legal strategy.

With evidence-based findings and a commitment to impartiality, our psychology expert reports empower legal professionals, judges, and juries to make informed decisions prioritising justice and the well-being of those involved. When you choose Concise Medico, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to harnessing the power of psychology to strengthen your legal case.

When are psychology expert reports needed?

In the UK, the need for psychology expert reports arises in a multitude of scenarios, each demanding a nuanced understanding of the human mind. These reports, crafted with meticulous care, serve as essential tools in cases where the complexities of psychology intersect with the law. At Concise Medico, we recognize the critical junctures where psychology expert reports can make a profound difference in the outcome of your legal matters.

  • Personal Injury Assessments

  • Clinical Negligence Assessments

  • Forensic Psychology Evaluations

  • Medical Malpractice assessments

  • Cognitive Functioning Assessments

  • Assessing Capacity to Instruct

  • Criminal Responsibility Assessments

  • Assessing Fitness to Plead

  • Immigration and Asylum Assessments

  • Mental Capacity Assessments

  • Child Mental Health Assessment

  • Neuropsychological assessments

  • Parenting Capacity Assessment

  • PTSD Assessments and Diagnosis

  • Cognitive Risk Assessments

  • RTA Injury Assessments

  • Reliability of Witness Testimony

  • Assessing Fitness to Stand Trial

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Need Psychology Expert Report or Assessment to Support your claim ?

Credible psychology expert reports – crafted with care

Concise Medico stands ready to provide expertly crafted psychology reports precisely when you need them, offering unparalleled insights into the complexities of the human mind, which can be the key to a successful legal outcome. Our meticulously crafted reports provide insight into the human mind, offering a deep understanding of psychological factors that significantly influence legal decisions.

Comprehensive Assessment of the Psychological Impact

Our psychology expert reports provide a comprehensive assessment of the psychological impact in your case. Backed by research and expert analysis, we uncover the hidden facets of mental health that can be pivotal in legal proceedings.

Expert opinion on the claimant’s psychological condition

We offer a precise evaluation of the claimant’s psychological condition supported by evidence-based findings. Our reports are crafted with neutrality and objectivity, ensuring you receive a trusted expert opinion that holds weight in the courtroom.

Impact of claimant’s psychological condition on the case

Our psychology expert reports reveal the profound implications of the claimant’s psychological condition on your case. Our panel of experts provide actionable insights that legal professionals can leverage to build a stronger, more informed strategy.

Why choose concise medico for your psychology expert reports?

Concise Medico is one of the leading names in the UK when it comes to providing psychology expert reports and testimony in the courtroom. Our team comprises highly experienced psychologists who bring a wealth of knowledge to your case. With us, you can be absolutely sure that we leave no stone unturned, conducting meticulous research and assessments to deliver comprehensive reports.

Moreover, Concise Medico is dedicated to impartiality, ensuring you receive unbiased, reliable expert reports. We understand the urgency of legal matters. Count on us for the prompt delivery of your psychology expert reports. We serve at the following locations in the UK; nevertheless, you can always request a callback from us to discuss your case.

Our expert psychologists are highly experienced

With over 12 years of experience in the medico legal field, our expert psychologists are dedicated to offering the most remarkable calibre services and upholding our dedication to perfection. Concise Medico offers psychology expert reports and assessments that can be used in family law, civil and criminal proceedings and personal injury cases.

  • Fully compliant with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR)