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Concise Medico has had 10 years of experience working in partnership with solicitors.


We understand the challenges solicitors face in contacting the right specialist, causing significant delays in the instruction and receipt of reports. So, Concise Medico provides a single point of contact via our friendly and responsive team. Instruct us with the details about your claimant, the outline of the case, and your work so far and we will assign a highly trained case manager with extensive knowledge of the medical and legal aspects for the duration of the process. 

We promise:
◉ To confirm intake of your instructions within 24 hours.
◉ To book appointments for your clients with our experts within five days across UK.
◉ To keep travel time for all appointments within 15 miles  of your client’s location
◉ To work only with verified, fully vetted, independent experts for all assessments
◉ To provide highest quality expert medical-legal reports within 10 working days from date of assessment

Speak to us today and secure your medical-legal claims. For further terms and conditions please feel free to connect with us. You can contact us via email, phone or by filling out the form provided on this page.

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