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Experienced Expert Witnesses to Make your Medico-legal Process Simple.

Engaging Concise is the quickest way to locate the best expert and obtain an official medico-legal document. From the first instruction, you give us until the last Orthopaedic or Psychological evaluation. We’re available to help make the Medical-Legal procedure as simple as possible.

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  • Complete Access to 300+ Live Appointments

  • Nationwide Appointments and Online Assessments

  • 100% CPR-Compliant Medical Reports in just 15 Days

  • Access to experienced HCPC Registered Psychologists

  • Expert witness testimony in civil and criminal proceedings

PTSD Expert Witness

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Get the Medical Evidence You Need.

We are one of the leading provider of medico-legal services in UK, and we can help you find the right expert witnesses for your case. We have a vast network of medical experts in all areas of medicine, and we can quickly and easily match you with the right person for the job.

In addition to finding experts, we can also help you with the entire medico-legal process. We can prepare reports, gather evidence, and even testify in court. We’re here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

If you need medical evidence, medico-legal reports, initial assessments or expert witness testimony for your case, contact Concise Medico today. We’ll work with you to get the results you need, quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Concise Medico?

As a solicitor, you know that medical evidence is essential in many cases. Whether you’re representing a client in a personal injury claim, a medical negligence case, or a family law matter, you need to be able to get the right expert to provide the right evidence.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Finding Right Expert Witnesses

  • Preparing Medico-legal Reports

  • Initial Assessments

  • Gathering Evidence

  • Testifying in Court

Concise Medico Process to Onboard Legal Agencies for Medico-Legal Matters.

Concise Medico’s medical experts can provide detailed, comprehensive medico-legal reports on care, rehabilitation, and therapy. You do not need to worry; we will handle everything for you and your client. We offer a faster process for your claimants due to the early identification of their needs and advise a tailored process which make sure to reduces any delays.

Step 1
You Instruct
Concise Medico

Solicitors can send their enquiries to our in-house staff who are prepared to receive them.


Step 2
We arrange
the expert witness

we will schedule an appointment and provide confirmation of the arrangements within five days.


Step 3
Expert witness produce the report

After being appointed, the expert witness you have selected will evaluate your case and make a report.


Step 4
We deliver you
the report

Sending the approved medico legal report to the solicitor or agency by Concise Medico marks the completion of the circle.

Find the Right Medico-legal Expert Witnesses

What sets Concise Medico apart from other medico-legal providers is our commitment to providing our clients with quality service and timely turnaround. We have a vast network of experts in all areas of medicine, and we can quickly and easily match you with the right person for the job.

Our team of experienced medical legal experts work diligently to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout the entire process.

  • Convenient appointments scheduled according to your region

  • Qualified, fully vetted, & independent experts for all assessments

  • CPR-compliant reports within 15 days of being assessed by an expert


“As a solicitor firm, we have been working with Concise Medico for almost a decade. We found them very assisting, be it sourcing a specific expert in any discipline or arranging rehabilitation treatment nationwide. Very good at meeting set deadlines.”

Dawn Solicitors, Solicitor


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not sure about the type of experts I need?2023-08-11T07:28:58+05:00

If you are still determining the type of expert witness you need, contact Concise Medico.

With over a decade of experience in medico legal matters, we are adept at analysing each case to identify the type of expert needed.

Can anyone be an expert witness?2023-08-11T07:35:02+05:00

No. Only those with more in-depth knowledge or expertise in a particular topic or discipline than average can qualify as expert witnesses.

What if I need more than one expert in different disciplines?2023-08-11T07:38:17+05:00

No matter the issue or discipline, Concise Medico has the experience and knowledge to find all the required psychology experts for your case and can manage several reports.

What happens once I’ve instructed Concise Medico to find me an expert?2023-08-11T07:39:23+05:00

Within 24 hours, we will share the psychology experts’ witness profiles (CVs) with you. Details and evidence are recommended; nonetheless, we will keep you updated and assist you at every step.

Are Concise Medico experts qualified to give evidence in court?2023-08-11T07:37:20+05:00

Always. Our psychology experts witnesses have previous court experience therefore they are qualified to appear in court.

Do I need a psychiatrist expert witness or a psychologist expert witness?2023-08-11T07:30:09+05:00

Whether you need a psychiatrist expert witness or a psychologist expert witness depends on the specific requirements of your legal case.

Generally, a psychiatrist specialises in mental health and can diagnose and prescribe medication, while a psychologist focuses on behavioural and cognitive aspects of mental health.

Consider consulting with an attorney to determine which expert would be more suitable for your case.


How can a psychology expert witness report help in your case?2023-08-11T07:31:18+05:00

A psychology expert witness report is a document prepared by a qualified psychologist who provides professional opinions and analysis relevant to a medico legal case.

Our psychology expert witness reports help by offering expert insight into psychological issues, assessing mental health conditions to get you the right compensation for suffering caused.

What is included in a psychology expert witness report?2023-08-11T07:33:54+05:00

A psychology expert witness report typically includes the following:

  • Expert’s qualifications, background, and professional experience. Client and case background.
  • Outlines the expert’s analysis and opinions regarding the specific psychological issues relevant to the case.
  • It also includes the presentation of mental health evaluations of individuals involved, assessing the psychological impact of events and analysing behaviour patterns.
  • The report also offers professional opinions on causation, mental capacity, or other relevant factors.
  • The reports offer objective and informed psychological expertise to assist the court or legal proceedings.


Which cases can Concise Medico psychology expert witness help me with?2023-08-11T07:36:23+05:00

Our psychology expert witness can help you with the following cases:

  • Mental capacity and fitness to stand trial
  • Re-offending risk assessments
  • Suggestibility and false confessions
  • Witness reliability
  • Criminal responsibility
  • Pre-sentencing reports
  • Mental health and personality disorder assessments
  • Prison parole hearing assessments
  • Psychological effects of a personal injury
  • Family court proceedings
  • Deportation and detention matters
  • Child law matters
Where can I reach you to get a psychology expert witness report and/or testimony?2023-08-11T07:40:42+05:00

Concise Medico offers nationwide service in the UK, however if you require our assistance with psychology expert witness reports and testimony, you can visit our offices in Leeds, Blackburn and other vibrant cities in the UK

Alternatively, simply request a callback and we will make arrangements within 15 miles of your location in the UK.

Experienced Expert Witnesses
to Make your Medico-legal Process Simple.

Engaging Concise is the quickest way to locate the best expert and obtain an official medico-legal